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AudraBaker.com : Personal Coach · Nutritionist · Therapist
AudraBaker.com : Personal Coach · Nutritionist · Therapist
AudraBaker.com : Personal Coach · Nutritionist · Therapist

Ready To Stop Wasting Time, Energy, and Money on

Support and Diet Plans That Leave You Frustrated With Your Dress Size?

Heal The Deeper Reason You Sabotage Your Body With Food Permanently…

Unlock Unheard of Levels of

Healing, Support and Accountability.

Sick of Gimmicks? Exhausted by BS diet plans and PTSD from Toxic Diet Culture?


AudraBaker.com : Personal Coach · Nutritionist · Therapist
AudraBaker.com : Personal Coach · Nutritionist · Therapist
AudraBaker.com : Personal Coach · Nutritionist · Therapist
AudraBaker.com : Personal Coach · Nutritionist · Therapist

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Ready To Stop Doing It All By Yourself And Reach

your goals in a healthy, healed and non-diety way?

Heal The Deeper Reason You Sabotage Your Body With Food Permanently...

Sick of Gimmicks? Exhausted by BS diet plans and PTSD from Toxic Diet Culture?

Unlock the Levels of

Healing, Consistency, and Accountability.


You Haven’t Been Able to Lose Weight (and keep it off) On Your Own.

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“No gym. No Diets. And my pants are falling off!”

I just wanted everyone to know that they can be super confident Audra’s program works!!! My jeans that I managed to barely squeeze into during the challenge in September last year are now falling down! No gym, no diets. I still emotionally eat sometimes but super conscious of it and know if I apply the easy process even 70% of the time it works!




“Working with Audra was one of best gifts I've given myself.”

"I wanted to end numbing out… but I didn’t want to put money out again after so many failed programs and wasted money. But my aha moment was... this is so different than anything I’ve ever done. Coaching with Audra tapped into places that has given me freedom with food and peace with my body that I didn’t know I could have. Now from our work together I’m exercising with ease, feeling deep gratitude in my life, and stopped “white knuckling” it around food."




“I didn't want to go through life dieting, and Audra had a different way of getting me there.”

So many things you say gave me aha moments, like with diet culture and how it’s consumed me. I didn’t want to continue going through life dieting, and you had a different way of getting me there. Two years before I found you I had lost 50 pounds and I looked at myself and my body looked exactly the same to me as it did when I was 50 pounds heavier. I knew that was diet culture and I wasn’t supposed to feel that way. I heard you say things that I hadn't heard in the 27,000 diets I had been on before and the other ways I tried to lose weight.”




AudraBaker.com : Personal Coach · Nutritionist · Therapist
AudraBaker.com : Personal Coach · Nutritionist · Therapist
AudraBaker.com : Personal Coach · Nutritionist · Therapist
AudraBaker.com : Personal Coach · Nutritionist · Therapist

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Ready To End Weight-Loss Sabotage & Feel Sane Around Food?

Finally... Experience

True Food & Body Freedom

Hey There Friend,

Do you feel overwhelmed or stuck trying to lose weight…again?

Your intentions were good.

Your head was in the right space.

Your willpower was turned on. AND THEN...

...out of left field, it’s like some gremlin part of you starts to take over and says something like:

“Who cares if you skip the gym today?

The couch is way better than the gym, especially with a pizza!

And besides, get real…you’re never going to reach your goals anyways.”

And before you know it, the sabotage has already started and you're face-down in a large pizza and bucket of ice cream binge watching Netflix.

When you finally come out of the trance, the frustration and shame creeps in, followed by,

“I already blew it, so f*ck it…I’ll just keep going”.

This isn’t a “you” problem, by the way. This is quite normal and across the board

there’s really 3 simple reasons why.


You’ve gotta get out of Diet Culture.

Diet Culture keeps you stuck in this toxic cycle by handing you a diet plan that will. never. work. Decades of Cross longitudinal research show a 90-98% guaranteed failure rate, and a perfectionist mindset that inevitably leads to failure and poor body image. Your first step? Stop falling into the daggers and barbwire of a multi-billion dollar weight loss industry that is designed to keep you stuck and feeds on your insecurities for the sole purpose of lining their pockets with money.


You’ve gotta go deeper.

If the above wasn’t enough to grab your attention, the worst part about diets isn’t only that they have a 90-98% failure rate, but that they don’t actually heal the deeper reasons you overeat, binge eat, emotionally eat, or simply reach for food when you’re not hungry.

Here’s the deal: You learned a long time ago to use food to fix bad feelings and a bad day. And the truth is…it worked! That’s why you keep doing it.

So it doesn’t really matter how disciplined you are at sticking to your diet or eating kale. If we don’t work with and heal the real reasons we overeat food, we'll just continue to use food to fix the bad feelings… and gain the weight back... over and over again.


You’ve gotta get THE RIGHT support.

The bad news is almost all weight loss “experts” are stuck in toxic diet culture and have no idea how important it is to be trauma-informed and work with the body so it feels safe enough to release the weight.

At the end of the day, friends and family can only do so much. And the personal trainer, the nutritionist, the health coach, and even most therapists don’t know how to help you heal the deeper reasons you reach for food to cope, and also keep you moving toward your goals in a sustainable, trauma-informed way.

The good news? You found Hello Body Freedom!



And it turns out, more of the RIGHT KIND of Support and Accountability

on this journey...

Equals more life-changing and deeply profound results.

1) The Power of the RIGHT KIND of Accountability

Healing the deeper reasons you use food to cope doesn’t happen from collecting information…It happens from regulating your nervous system so behavior change can happen.

My sense is you already know A LOT about food, health, and what you should be eating, but are blocked when it comes to following through.

That’s because information doesn’t motivate transformation.

If it did, you wouldn’t be here reading this.

That’s why you’ll receive high-level accountability so you are following through and actually doing the things that get you to your goals in a trauma-informed way. And most of all, when you feel like you’re breaking down, you’ve got a safe + loving hand to hold so you can turn your breakdown into a breakthrough.

2) The Power of Long-Term Support

How long have you been trapped in the emotional eating, weight-gain-loss rollercoaster cycle?

Four years? Forty years?

Short term commitment = short term results when it comes to healing. That’s why the Hello Body Freedom Programs are a year-long commitment or more.

Because whether you’ve felt tortured with food and your body for 4 or 40 years, anything less than a year will not create the sustainable lifelong freedom from food you desire.

My name is Audra

This isn’t my first time introducing myself to women like you... who are tired of feeling so shitty that they can’t just “stick” to a diet.

I want to invite you into my world and my space where sabotage, shame, and guilt are finally removed so we can get to the bottom of why food has its hold on you.

I hold your hand.

I hold you accountable to honoring yourself.

I help you move forward, even when you’re not in the mood (hint - no willpower needed here).

I use Neuro-Science based strategy, trauma informed healing, and yes a few tricks up my sleeve to help you stop the diet cycle forever.

It is my mission to help YOU

1. Experience freedom with food,

(yes, like not freaking out or numbing out when you eat a piece of cake 🍰),

2. Experience sustainable weight loss,

(How about instead of losing 90pounds in 90 days, we do it more sustainably so it doesn't come back for the bazillionth time? 👊

3. Experience comfort in your body.

Screw pie-in-the-sky "I love my body" affirmations that feel fake. But comfort? More of that please! 🙋🏼‍♀️


“It never occurred to me that the blockages were emotions and self- sabotage”

I was fed up with trying all the things. It never occurred to me that the blockage was emotions and self sabotage. But there was a common denominator and everything I was trying let me back to the same path, and it wasn’t sustainable. None of it. It was all so restrictive. Listening to Audra, she was the only person I have ever spoken to that has ever made any sense of why I kept getting stuck.



Whether you’ve struggled with food and weight your entire life,

gained and lost the same 40 pounds 40 times, or just don’t trust yourself around food,

The process we use is the same because, well...it just works. I call it:

Hello Body Freedom VIP Coaching

A 52 weeks of coaching program that heals the real reasons

why you overeat and struggle with your body and weight in the first place.

You say YES to Hello Body Freedom VIP Coaching for 3 reasons:

Reason # 1:

To get out of the trauma-inducing diet culture and create a sane, healthy, and NORMAL relationship with food & your body where you learn how to say YES AND NO to food in a non-diety, non-rebellious way, that allows you to build healthy habits and lose weight sustainably.


Heal the deeper reasons for overeating and stop getting in your own way with old self-sabotaging behaviors so you can get to the other side and truly thrive in your life and your body!


To increase your results through the right kind of 1-1 support and accountability! I know you want this solved like yesterday. It IS possible to reach your goals faster and be finished with your weight loss journey and onto living your best life sooner than going at it alone.

How does it work and what do you mean "heal deeper"?

Over time, your nervous system has been programmed based on old patterns from child hood and unresolved trauma back when your nervous system learned how to use food to cope when things got real stressful.

If you want a healthy relationship with food and your body, and to lose weight in a way where it doesn't come back…

you can’t just add new habits on top of your old nervous system.

You have to transform and upgrade your nervous system so that the new habits you're trying to create actually stick. 🤯

When we heal at the nervous system level, it can rewire the brain and how the body and nervous system experience day to day life

Inside of Hello Body Freedom VIP Coaching we use evidence based and research backed body-mind practices with our clients to process emotions and regulate the nervous system so it learns that it’s safe to be in, and thrive in a healthier, smaller body.

This level of transformation requires more 1-1 support because we're working at the subconscious and unconscious levels.

Working 1-1 with the Hello Body Freedom VIP Coaching Team is like no coaching container you’ve experienced before.

Your friends and family care about you…

But they can’t offer you the kind of proven guidance, support and accountability consistently that our coaching team can offer you DAILY to accelerate your success.

And let’s face it, they’re likely stuck in toxic diet culture thinking, NOT trauma-informed, and likely don’t have a clue how to help you heal the deeper nervous system reasons you’re struggling.

And when you’re feeling overwhelmed, defeated, or just plain stuck… they can’t offer you the kind of expert guidance, practices, support, and accountability that the HBF Coaching Team can give you to get out of your funk, upgrade your nervous system, and accelerate your success.

let’s GET DOWN TO the nitty gritty

Hello Body Freedom Phases Of Success

Week 1-4

Phase 1: Build the foundation. Build the roadmap.

We get crystal clear with where you are starting from, and build your personal roadmap to where you want to be a year from now. Then we reverse engineer it into quarterly, monthly, weekly, and daily roadmaps that are designed to move you into right relationship with food and your body and lose weight in a sustainable non-diety way.

Walk Away With:

  • Private Mind-Body Mapping Therapeutic Session

  • Get to know where you’re consciously (and unconsciously) getting stuck

  • Learn how to move your nervous system out of its trauma-induced hyper-vigilant fight-flight-freeze state, into a rest-restore-rejuvenate state.

Week 5-12

Phase 2: Food Freedom Formula

Using food as fuel is NOT about mastering willpower, restriction or deprivation. It’s about untangling the wires that you’ve got crossed, and deeply understanding, respecting and mastering physical hunger vs. emotional hunger.

Walk Away With:

  • Work with the Food Freedom Formula, Gentle Nutrition, and Emotional Digestion processes

  • Hand holding guidance from your coaches to help you stay on track daily, weekly, and monthly.

Walk Away With:

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Week 13-16

Phase 3: Clear the

Mental Junk Food

When you stop believing the toxic thoughts, everything gets easier. By building a strong, healthy mental space, your inner gremlins will no longer be dictating your thoughts, feelings, food choices and life.

Each week, you’ll meet for coaching to discuss key milestones, help you walk through any challenges you might be facing, and celebrate the wins (because there will be a lot of them!)

Walk Away With:

  • Individualized practices, training, and resources to get you out of old thinking patterns and work that mindset-muscle so you stop the "Ef-it!" thoughts that lead to eating.

  • Continue taking action and getting the results you’ve only dreamed of until now. When you fall off and "mess up", your coaching team literally picks you up and teaches you how to keep going...even when you're not in the mood.

Week 17-24

Phase 4: Ending Emotional "Constipation" via Healing Through Embodied Trauma Resolution and Emotional "Digestion"

Overeaters have a difficult time processing emotions and times of intensity. If you do not work through them, they don’t just disappear. You hold onto them and you’ll stuff them down with food.

This isn't just about “feeling your feelings”. This is about learning how to process, release, and transform overwhelming energy, sensations, and emotions.

Walk Away With:

  • As as you and your coaching team do this inner work together, your Nervous System starts to learn "it's safe to feel and process these feelings"...and before you know it, you're finally getting emotionally UN-constipated 💩 And let's be real: that's a REALLY good feeling.

  • This is where the Nervous System gets the green light that it's safe enough to let go of any excess physical, mental and emotional weight. This is where the magic happens!

Walk Away With:

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Week 25-52

Phase 5: New Levels New Devils

Just like we have to bathe our bodies regularly to keep healthy hygiene, we must consistently work these steps to keep healthy physical, mental, and emotional hygiene.

This is not about going back to the beginning or starting over. It’s about reaching new levels by slaying new devils by working the tools, walking the walk, and moving to your advanced levels of health, resilience, and inner peace. The only way out is through, and this is the path to mastery.

Walk Away With:

  • Learn how to keep moving forward even when things are going good!

  • When you hit a rough patch and you’re ready to say “screw it”, your team of coaches are there to “talk you off the plank”

  • We will help you use the experience to deepen your journey and keep moving forward.

Hello Body Freedom Seasonal Focus

While you’re working the Hello Body Freedom Phases of Success with your entire coaching team, we’ll have a collective seasonal focus for different times of the year to use that season’s energy for continual progress.

Summer Season:

June - September

This is the season of energy! Instead of focusing on "bikini ready" we’ll use this time to uplevel our focus on continual action in alignment with the goals you’re focused on depending on what phase you’re in. Imagine feeling freaking great in your body this summer!

Holiday Season: October - January

Instead of eating and drinking yourself into oblivion, This is the perfect season to lock and load the true meaning of Food Freedom. You’ll learn how to enjoy the holiday season guilt free while also creating aligned and loving boundaries. Imagine moving through this time of the year and making it to New Years Day having not gained a single pound, or even lost a few!

New Years into

Spring Season:

February - May

While everyone else is desperate to try the latest diet and setting themselves up to fail, you’ll be taking the higher road digging deeper into your healing journey and continual healthy habit creation. Instead of yo-yoing your weight up and down like everyone else, you’ll be on a doable, sustainable weight loss journey.

If you’ve been trying to lose weight on your own, but ..

You keep noticing the same sabotaging patterns show up and ruin your best efforts, Hello Body Freedom VIP Coaching is the answer you wish you found decades ago.

You need to exit the forces of dieting and diet culture that have been against you from the beginning.

You need trauma-informed expert guidance from professionals who actually know how to heal the deeper reasons why you reach for food to cope.

And you need more than just a workout buddy or accountability partner.

You need professionals who have been in your shoes to help you with your health, healing, and weight loss goals…Someone to be accountable to, to make the right decisions, even when you don’t want to.

It’s time to get out of your own head. You know this level of food and body freedom would change the trajectory of your health, energy, and life. And you know you want to stop the family cycle and not pass this onto your kids. You just need your own specific plan tailored to your specific needs so you can get into a routine that feels good for you that you can actually stick to.

Professional athletes, executives and entertainers know how hard it is to uplevel alone, and how easy it is to slip back into old habits and start making excuses. It’s why they get coaches…so why shouldn’t you?

If you look back at any big goal or big obstacle in your life,

Chances Are You Didn’t Make It

To The Other Side Alone!

So here’s the Big Question

Why would you NOT heal the deeper reasons you use food to cope when FREEDOM is waiting for you on the other side?

And why would you keep trying to do it on your own when your HEALTH is the #1 most important factor that affects all other aspects of your life and determines the QUALITY of your life?

When you’re sick, don’t you go to the doctor? When you’re in back pain, don’t you feel better when you go to the chiropractor? When your taxes are complicated, don’t you hire a CPA? When your car breaks down, don’t you take it to the mechanic?

So why should your freedom with food and body be any different?

Hello Body Freedom is the only trauma-informed weight loss coaching program that heals the real reasons why you overeat and struggle with your body and weight in the first place.

We do this by:

Getting you OFF the diet roller coaster and focusing on EASY shifts to change how you eat, how you live, how you think, and how you manage your emotions.

Incorporating trauma resolution and a unique set of neuroscience strategies that rewire deeply ingrained self-sabotage habit pathways at the conscious and unconscious levels.

Holding your hand and keeping you moving forward through our expert coaching and accountability even when it’s tough…even when you want to give up.

You deserve to feel confident in yourself again. You owe it to yourself to give yourself some priority in your life. You should feel true freedom with food and comfort in your own body. Vacations or trips to the beach should feel freaking exciting and great from here on out! It’s time!

I literally can’t wait to coach you as a VIP inside

Hello Body Freedom VIP Coaching.


“This isn't just about weight loss, it empowers you with so much confidence."

When I joined I was having issues with food and alcohol. because I didn't know how to go deep and process my emotions. Within my first 30 days I was able to stop drinking and since then have created a more balanced relationship with food and alcohol. Today I love my body and know how to navigate through my emotional eating patterns. My focus moved from solely wanting to lose weight to making self-care my first priority, and from there I've lost over 35 pounds.

Is this right for me?

Hello Body Freedom VIP Coaching is perfect for you if:

Using food to cope, soothe, and escape your busy or stressful life is holding you back from reaching higher levels of success in your personal and professional life.

You are successful in so many areas of your life except this most sacred one with food because you’ve never been taught healthy, doable ways to manage and move through difficult thoughts, feelings, and experiences.

Your emotional eating is a secret that you’ve been harboring for years and now more than ever, you want to be free.

You value high-level support and intuitive coaches, so you can break through your own inner glass ceiling.

This is different (and better) than therapy. Here at Hello Body Freedom, we are not just here to talk about your feelings or what you want to change.

To truly heal the deeper reasons you use food to cope, your nervous system must change sbehavior must change. Therefore the support you receive here and all the programs’ elements have been specifically designed to facilitate a high-level of consistent action and accountability (we love baby steps!).

If you are looking for a place to solely vent your feelings, energetically vomit, or act out past wounding, I suggest you look elsewhere. Because here, we are committed to true change and growth. And that requires a willingness to be responsible for your behavior, and ultimately, wanting that behavior to change.


As a VIP, You Will Also Get:


Hello Body Freedom Academy Vault Included!


Imagine having access to the most advanced tools, practices, and processes that lead to food and body liberation. And then imagine: instead of having to navigate the entire vault that covers EVERYTHING from body image, to trauma resolution, to nutritional therapy, to inner child healing, to emotional regulation, to fitness and yoga and meditation classes...(the list goes on and on!)...

Instead of having to navigate it all, you have YOUR COACHES guiding you to exactly what you need when you need it most...and then holding you accountable to do it!


End Emotional Eating LIVE


When you apply and become a VIP Client now, you get the rare opportunity to join me live as we roll out my most advanced course on learning how to regulate emotions and truly learn how to end using food to cope with feelings. Through this course laid out over 3-months, you'll get extra coaching from me and literally feel what it's like to be on the other side of emotional eating in 90-days.

  • Get emotionally UN-constipated and literally feel lighter

  • Learn how t regulate even the big emotions with ease

  • Handle a stressful or emotional day like a #boss completely forgetting about food




You’ll spend your first 8-weeks:

1) Taking action in a way that works for your lifestyle and weight loss journey, and… 

2) Practice getting unstuck using our HBF Mind-Body Resistance Breakthrough process when the inevitable blocks come up. 

In order to keep you in action, and continually support you in getting unstuck along the way when inevitable resistance comes up,

Summer Melt Down 8-week program also includes:

✅ Hand holding from your coaching team.

✅ Weekly habit trackers and progress to keep your “brain in the game”

✅ Weekly progress to see just how far you’ve come!

Value: $2000

Are you ready to finally break free from food prison, feel good in your body, and finally lose weight in a way that actually works?

Let’s do this!

We’re currently taking applications for our 12-month Hello Body Freedom VIP Coaching Container.

I’d love to see if you’re the right fit, and if we’re the right fit for you. We have a few questions, and then we’ll set you up on a call with me to make sure I can answer all your questions

One Last Thing...

If you don’t act today… When is it going to happen?

Let’s face it: you put off important things that you know you need to do, and if you don’t act right now,

it’s not going to happen.

Your life is likely going to stay the same way it’s been until you take a bold move and do something

The feelings of knowing you could be doing better, not reaching your full potential, and living below what you are truly capable of has been on your mind for too long.

I’ve been there, and it’s no way to live. You deserve better and we’re here to help.